A present to you all this season - an original video of mine with very sloppy cum fucking! Enjoy! >:)

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One of the BEST bareback videos I’ve seen, there is just such a primal connection between the top and the bottom. They are both uninhibited, rough, and kinky as fuck. Ends with an amazing snowball and cum eating.

(30 minutes)

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I check out all new followers ;)

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one of my favorite rest stops interstate 55 had a big tree like this I loved to get naked and take cocks all day loved that tree

had 5 truckers hittin me one day gang fuck

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"Fuck! Fuck! I feel the spunk in there."

- “Oh yeah!”

"That’s nice and fucking cummy."

- “You like that?”

"Oh fuck yeah, you’re gonna get my load, mate!"

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#teambottom has a #creampie river flowing from his plowed hole. well done #teamtop, well done ;) #bbbh

Pounded hard and bred deep.

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A rare video reblog. The thing that happens at 2:32 is just. the. hottest. thing. I. have. ever. seen.

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some of my favorites:

“put it in”

“fuck! fuck me! yea! fuckin cum…. I want you to cum in me! harder!”

“keep… going” - the top smiled at this one :)

such a hot bottom. Only thing I would have done different is breed him deep instead of pulling out, THEN suck my load out of him

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